Good time of day,
I am AB able seaman,I have experience in offshore such vessels as:
Floating crane(4 Point mooring)-a project to lengthen the pipeline and pipe connection of the gas drilling platforms together.
DSV- Project to dismantle an old Rig.
AHTS -Projects for the construction of the gas pipeline,
the project for the construction of drilling platforms and connecting pipeline(anchor handling operation,towing operation,
cargo operation,welding and much more). Companies NJSC Chernomorneftegaz.
OSV/DSV(4 Point mooring,DP-1) Companies GO OFFSHORE a project to raice the sunken rig(Congo,Angola)
working with Dutch company SMIT SALVAGE.
PSV DP-2 South Stream project,companies DEEP SEA SUPPLY MANAGEMENT PTE LTD.
I have extensive experience in Welding(I have a welding certificate). There are positive references from all
vessels and companies.
I can start even at the lowest rank in your company that would like to show You my experience,please do not hesitate
to contact me if you have any questions.
I would be grateful for the opportunity, reviev my qualifications in more detail,you can contact with me:
skype: lyashenko271
by phone: +79780631627
Best Regards Yuriy Lyashenko.