Singur Sergey

Chief Engineer

Dear Sir/Madam:

If Your Company requires a high-energy Chief Engineer with a no-excuses attitude and is up to any task, then I’m the person you’re seeking. My qualifications and experience will enable me to fulfill your expectations.

I am Certified marine engineer with over 30 years in the Marine Industry, Licensed Chief engineer over 16 years, directing the maintenance, operation, repair and troubleshooting of various ship machinery and equipment, engines, turbochargers, boilers, compressors, refrigerators, pneumatic and hydraulic components, pumps, deck machinery and their related systems, control etc. Work Experience with the following Main diesel engines (till 55.000 HP) : MAN B&W(MC, ME), WARTSILA (RTA, RT-flex). I have excellent computer and organizational skills. Experienced with the BASSnet, Danaos, AMOS, GLSM, MESPAS, NS5 and TITAN planned maintenance systems.

Able to work independently and as a part of a team. Highly motivated individual who takes initiative. Proficient in maintaining and monitoring diagnostics of the marine mechanical equipment. Quick learner and hard worker.

I want to become involved in a new shipping environment which enhances my knowledge and skills. Moreover, I would like to work within multinational teams and contribute to the successful running of a shipping company with reputation. I consider interdisciplinary tasks, continuing vocational training and a competitive environment as essential criteria for my future career development.