ФИО: Pishchak Mykola

Должность: Chief Officer

I am Ukrainian chief officer, 48 years old, working in offshore since 2006 till present time. In position as a chief officer since 2010. During my seagoing offshore experience in mixed crews (from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Czech, Holland, Georgia, Indonesia, India, Congo, Togo, South Africa etc.) I have done seventeen contracts in position as a chief officer and six contracts as a second officer on AHTS, AHT/ASD and Oceangoing Tug . I was servicing GOSP (Gas & Oil Separated Platforms), jack-up drilling rigs, jack-up barges, accommodation barge, cargo barge. Carried out towing accommodation barge and cargo barge (off-shore towing and ocean towing), anchor handling operations — pipe laying barge, accommodation barge, tanker lifting operation, oil rig lifting operation, support diving operation, working as guard vessel, as supply vessel . Working area – West Africa (Nigeria, Namibia, Gabon, Cameroun, Congo, Togo, South Africa etc.), Mediterranean sea (Libya, Malta, Italy), North Europe (Norway). Holder of CoC of chief mate on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more. English level – intermediate. AHT/ASD, AHTS or Seagoing Tug vessel is more preferable but not essential. Minimum salary is negotiable.

Last job: Static tow of jack-up rig “Hercules 267” in area Port Gentil / Gabon / Static tow FPSO «Clov» in port Amboim, Angola; / Towing barge CB34 fm Luanda Port Gentil; / Anchor handling of pipe-lay barge «Saibos 230» at PNR anchorage; / AH, cargo and towing ops with pipe-lay barge «Geocean Protis» in port Cotonou, Benin; / Towing rig «West Ariel» in convoy from Port Gentil to Congo offshore; / Rig move assistance ops with jack up rig «Canstellation II» on Etame Terminal, Gabon; / AH, towing and cargo operations with pipe-lay barge «African Lifter» in Pointe Noire, Congo; / Towing pipe-lay barge «African Lifter» from Pointe Noire to Malongo offshore, Angola; / AH operation with pipe-lay barge»African Lifter» in Malongo offshore, Angola; / Towing barge «Triumph 110» from Congo offshore to Walvis Bay; / Towing MT «Annelise Theresa» from Pointe Noire to Walvis Bay; / Towing rig «Trident-14» fm POG, Gabon to Nigeria Offshore; / Tanker lifting operation on Etame Terminal, Gabon; / Tanker lifting operation on Olowi Terminal, Gabon; / Tanker lifting operation on Nkossa Terminal, Congo; / Tanker lifting operation on Yombo Terminal, Congo; / Tanker lifting operation on Djeno Terminal, Congo;

Faithfully yours, Mykola

Тел: +380503904968

E-mail: pischak123@mail.ru