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REQUIRED TANKER experience Ukrainian Crew members


1. 3/O for CPO Japan. Readiness end of April.
2. 3/O for STI Wembley. Readiness end of April.
3. 3/O for CPO Germany. Readiness mid of May.
4. 3/O for STI Clapham. Readiness mid of May.
5. Junior 3/O for STI Pimlico. Readiness end of May.
6. 3/E for CPO Korea. Readiness mid of April.
7. 3/E for CPO Japan. Readiness mid of May.
8. ETO for CPO Germany. Readiness mid of April.

All aplicants must have:
— past experience on Tankers min 2-4 contracts depending on rank
— English knowledge

The salaries are below:
3/O-4130 USD
Junior 3Off-3600 USD
3Eng-4790 USD
ETO-6320 USD

Please forward your CV on crewing@marstaff.com.ua
Tel: +38 048 7856853/55
Fax: +38 048 7856856

Для ответа на эту вакансию отправьте подробности по электронной почте crewing@marstaff.com.ua