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Certified Welder


Norwegian Cruise Lines is looking to obtain experienced candidates

This position assumes work as a contractor.

Salary 9$ per hour, monthly salary 3240$

Exceptional performance bonus 5% to 20% of monthly salary


Perform welding from various departments with help of welding torches and arcs. Manage work with help of manual welding machines and melt metals for various processes. Manage welding work and ensure compliance to all specifications to perform defect work. Ensure clean weld joint to obtain smooth look. Maintain disc grinder and perform all cleaning and grinding of metals. Operate various manual and automated welding equipments for welding work.



All candidates must have min 5-7 years of experience

Good English knowledge

Lloyd Certificate is required

Ability to work 12 hours per day, 7 days a week

Для ответа на эту вакансию отправьте подробности по электронной почте office@ismira-odessa.com.ua