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White Wind Shipping Services

Our Client urgently require the below crew for a FPSO vessel.
It will be a 3-4 month single sail from Korea to Nigeria. The crew must meet the specification:

1. International passport valid for duration of voyage plus minimum 6 months
2. Yellow Fever Vaccination valid for duration of voyage plus minimum 6 months
3. National and Panamanian Seaman’s Books for officers and seamen, Panamanian Seaman’s Books for remainder. Validity must exceed duration of voyage.
4. STCW Personal Training Record Book(as per STCW Regulation 1/14)
5. Medical Fitness –Panama or White List country valid for at least 1 year
6. All personnel must be prepared to sail through the Gulf of Guinea

High Risk Areaand disembark through Lagos Port.
Commencement date will be towards the end of September or beginning of October 2017.
Required minimum experience on FPSO/ Semi-sub vessels / Rigs / MODU. Good experience in rank. High level of English (Marlins test). BOSIET/HUET is a MUST. Salaries depends on experience and ranges as :

— CH OFF — 350-400 usd(Full DP)
— CH ENG — 400-450 usd (SDP Maint, High Voltage)
— 2 ENG — 250-300 usd (SDP Maint, High Voltage)
— 2xBallast Control operator – discussible
— 4xAB — 160 usd
— 2xOS — 100-120 usd
— HLO — 200-250 usd(Full dp preferable and HLO cert)
— 5xHeli ERT — 200 usd

Send your CVs only meeting requirements on cv@wwshippings.com (Rank / Surname / Name)

White Wind Shipping Services
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