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Faststream Recruitment Ltd

Chief officer
$5670 as a minimum monthly

• Provident Fund: 3% of (over and above) annual salary paid out on retirement OR every 10 years. Ie a candidate starting with us 2016 will receive payment 2026.
• Bonus: occasionally paid out but at the clients discretion.
• Air Travel
• Family carriage: allowed but only after first assignment and no children under a certain height (exact size is TBC) but its basically around 8 years old.
• Family Medical plan
• Study Bond: 6 weeks full pay and then 6 weeks ½ pay. Officers need to apply for study and each application will be considered by committee.
• New hire salary: paid from day of successful interview if candidate has travelled from abroad. If candidate has travelled to interview from inside UK then salary is paid from day they travel to ship.

Tom Bennett | Senior Consultant

t: +44 (0)2380 208756
e: Tom.Bennett@faststream.com
w: www.faststream.com
Faststream Recruitment Ltd
The Quay, 30 Channel Way, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO14 3TG

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