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CHIEF OFFICER (2 Numbers) · Age: Below 45 Years · Nationality: UK/USA/European/African · CoC: Chief Officer Unlimited · Vessel Type: Offshore Vessels, Supply, PSV, AHTS, ASD, VSP Docking/Harbor/Mooring Tugs etc. · GRT: 300 to 4000 · Experience: 24 Months sea-time as Chief Officer, documents and verifiable. · Contract: 1 year (Automatic renewal), with rotation of 3 months on 3 months off Marlins: Marlins from approved center with 80% overall score and 70% in each section (not required for officers with English as first language) · Salary: Initially USD4200/- and USD6000/- from the day of independent takeover of the command of the vessel after passing Aramco evaluation. · Rejoining Bonus: USD 1000 per, applicable only if resumes on time after 3 months’ vacation.

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