Salary: 4500 USD / 6 months
Working in Med Sea , West Africa, Continent
DWT 4000t, 1997 YB.
Deutz-MWM TBD 645 L6 2550 KW
Multi-national crewmembers, 11 crewmembers

-Max Age: 53
Min Age: 35

-Min 24 Months CHF ENG experinece, Min 12 Month CHF seaservice on same type Engine (IFO BURNER).

-Experinece only in coastal voyage in black sea not acceptable

-Good level of English both speaking & writing for reporting / letters ect.

-Candidate if have Shengen visa or Ukrainian biometric passport (reason for preference).

Joining date: 2-4 of July Tuzla port

Тel: 098 087 30 36 (Business-Consult)Izmail city


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